Estonian companies could also benefit from billions from Poland's defence budget [EAS, Enterprise Estonia, July 2022]

At a meeting in Tallinn organized by Enterprise Estonia and the Estonian Defense Industry Union, Adam Kapitan Bergmann who was responsible for the delivery of 48 F-16 fighters by Lockheed Martin to the Polish government highlights three key points to watch out for in the Polish defense market.

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New Beginnings Conference [Warsaw Business Journal Observer, March 2014]

Polish IT - Coming of Age? Adam Bergmann was a speaker on a panel focused on the IT Sector and its problems in Poland.
Battle Ready? Mr. Bergmann was also the Moderator of a panel discussion regarding the Polish Defence Sector.

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IT in Poland - still a way to go? [, 18 February 2014]

Polish information technology has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade. More multinationals are piling in to the country and taking advantage of Poland’s qualified graduate base. Big business has come in but Poland has some way to go if it wants to make its mark in the global marketplace.

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Battle Ready? [Warsaw Business Journal Observer, February 2014]

Against the backdrop of Poland’s tragic military history, the government plans expenditures of PLN 131 billion over the next decade. But is the modernization plan realistic?

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The Next Stage [American Investor, Spring 2012]

Cover Story: The American Chamber of Commerce in Poland explores new opportunities for the Polish and American economies that offer mutually beneficial business paradigms. Today America remains the most outspoken advocate for spreading and implementing ethical business standards throughout the world. Adam Bergmann discusses issues regarding the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

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Business Week's European Exposure [Olympia Business Watch, 21 August 2011]

After three years in Poland, the Business Week program, hatched at the Association of Washington Business in 1976, is drawing international attention. In the end, 250 Polish students and teachers from the Gdansk-Gdynia region will have graduated from Business Week. They will join the more the 50,000 Business Week alumni from the Washington State program who have fanned out across the United States and world. Adam Bergmann was a keynote speaker at Gdansk Business Week.

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White-collar Crime - Avoiding common pitfalls [Warsaw Business Journal, 25 October 2010]

Foreign management board members should know that they can be held criminally liable when things go wrong in their companies.

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Modernizing the Military [BizPoland Magazine, July-August 2010]

Cover Story: Just 10 years after joining the NATO alliance, Poland’s military is modernizing rapidly. Adam Bergmann comments on the Polish Military Lead In Fighter Trainer (LIFT) Tender.

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Digital Mind Games [American Investor, June 2009]

Cover Story: As technological advancement in computer network systems continues to develop at a rapid pace, so does the potential threat of downing systems by a third party. Today, data security is the new battlefront for the defense industry and for your business too. Adam Bergmann advises on how to protect IT infrastructure.

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