Security & Risk Assessment

We identify solutions, not just problems.

The costs of failed security are higher than the costs of prevention. Being wise about safety expenditures can save money.

When looked at as a financial risk, corporate security often involves various legal requirements unknown to management. Businesses need to pay close attention to European Union and domestic national rules set by legal institutions and safety regulators. Individual Director and corporate responsibilities are constantly changing and the resulting liabilities for companies and executives can be a significant risk.

Businesses depend on objective, empirical data to assess how to assign resources. Bergmann & Associates provide services and products that assist decision makers by providing risk information needed to determine the most efficient balance of cost vs. risk. We assess the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and appropriate application of technologies by auditing existing security measures and, where appropriate, recommending appropriate modifications.

Bergmann & Associates offer an additional bespoke service that can help insure against future risks. We have direct relationships with international insurance companies, each of whom is willing to work with our clients to customize insurance policies that minimize and accommodate a particular risk scenario.

We serve clients with:

• Risk Assessments
• Security Site Surveys
• Security Planning
• Crisis & Emergency Management
• Information (IT) Security Integrity & Efficiency

• Proactive Traveller Security
• VIP Protection
• Liaison with Local Law Enforcement Authorities & Medical Providers
• Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation
• Employee Crisis & Safety Training



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