"Ambassador" Trade Promotion Programs

Eyes and ears in challenging markets.

Doing business internationally requires more expertise and sensitivity to the surroundings than operating a domestic enterprise. In addition to dealing with conventional business issues, one must also appreciate and operate with a global perspective. Being attuned to the nuances of language, culture, politics, laws, time zones and exchange rates are all required in order to excel in a foreign commercial environment.

The decision on who to do business with in foreign markets is as important as choosing a member of the board. The consequences of a failed venture, or poor partner, are seriously financially damaging. Bergmann & Associates provide local knowledge, due diligence and provide access to lawyers, government representatives and local market leaders. Through our personal network and long-standing experience with local business practices, we are able to help identify pitfalls before they occur.

Serving as your bridge between the European Union and North America we maximize opportunities by minimizing risk. Bergmann & Associates act as the connection to new regions in Europe, while representing products & services as if they were our own. As an independent and established company, we are the substitute for an interim management team by representing clients where and when it is needed.

We serve clients with:

• Emerging Market Analysis & Assessment
• Identifying & Screening Reliable Local Business Partners
• Cross-Cultural Business Facilitation
• Identifying Sales Opportunities
• Trade Policy Consultation

• Offsets & Counter-Trade
• Coordination with Local Law Firms
• Compliance Confirmation & Training (FCPA & ITAR)
• Assistance Obtaining
- Business Permits
- Export & Import Licenses
- Residency & Staff Work Permits



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